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Brand Philosophy

The way healthy products are marketed is a big part of the problem. Being healthy and consuming healthy products has been turned into an expensive and cumbersome affair, leading people to conclude that they either can't afford such products or they don't have the time to implement the lifestyle changes it demands. IndiJan attempt to break this myth and show that healthy food products can be affordable and can easily be integrated into common lifestyles.


A fair and equitable economic system is the bedrock of a sustainable society and creating such a system is our ultimate goal.


Some of the short term impact we hope to be able to see is:

● Innovation in farming methods in response to market demands.

● Increase in the farmer's income.

● Availability of affordable nutritious foodgrains.

● Women empowerment through making them a part of the economic system.

● Innovative and sustainable production practices.

● Overall improvement in standard of life.

Most landless farm labourers are women, and they are in need of employees that can give them a dignified way to earn.

Our production process is ideally suited for unskilled women labourers especially in picking grains and packaging etc.

● Formation of self help groups to further support them economically.

● Push to micro enterprises traditionally run by women (Micro entrepreneurs).

● Further training in our Swadesham training center to provide them with different skills so that they can go on to become skilled workers and have a secure future.

● Malnutrition also disproportionately affects women, so our products can also enable them to tackle it.


Our procurement and sell centres consist of:


● Primary level food processing unit

● Nano Packaging infrastructure

● Small laboratory

● Cold storage and warehouse

● .Quick transportation for rural to rural and urban areas

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