Product Development Process

Our actions and operations are deeply rooted in 3 mantras based on Food synergy.

Pairing of Nutrition - We engineer our food products where one food component augments the benefits of another food component.

Pairing of Flavor - We pair nutrition with NATURAL flavor to make PEOPLE change their perspective on therapeutic diets.

Pairing of design - We strategically pair foods in order to make the nutrition delightful and visually appetizing.

Our Product Development Process consists of the following steps:

Selection of area where we want to work Research about land and food crops Development of product according to supply

Selection of farmers to grow organic and cash crops Training farmers to grow organic Distribution of organic seed and bio inputs Regular monitoring by skilled and expertise team Harvesting of crop

Labelling and storage of organic goods at Indijan’s procurement and sell centre Transportation Labelling and storage of organic goods at company warehouse

Sorting and cleaning of goods Lab testing Processing

Packaging and labelling Exporting