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IndiJan is the first brand for Functional food products which are naturally fortified, and food processing unit of Swadesham-A rural alternative university. It is established with the aim of launching “Naturally fortified food or Functional food” products that will be the first step in creating a virtuous cycle of organic production, nutritious food and a healthy population. IndiJan has two clearly defined goals. Firstly, to create gainful employment for the rural population near their homes eliminating the need for migrating to far flung areas.

This becomes all the more important when we consider that the majority of the population in India lives in rural areas. Secondly, to raise the abysmally low nutritional standards of the people.
Most of the chronic diseases, lifestyle diseases that we see today is the result of long term
food/eating patterns of people. IndiJan want to steer the evolution of food patterns in a way that will improve our immune system and protect us from not only current illnesses but also the future unknown diseases that might spread.

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